Transform canine lives with professional education full of love

Strengthen ties with your pet and achieve harmony with the specialised training

Canine Training

Beginners´ Club

Learn the basic rules of education with your dog and other four-legged friends.

Canine Training

Advanced Club

We work as a team to promote the natural aptitudes of dogs according to their functionality.

Canine Training

Professional Training Courses

  • Professional Dog Trainer
  • Professional Canine Instructor
  • Canine Guide specialised in Eco-Detection

Dog and cat adoptions in Bizkaia

Dogs and cats up for adoption

Our lovely furry companions looking for a home. Everyone has their own story and is eagerly waiting to be a part of yours. Are you ready to give one of them a fresh start?

Dog training school in Bizkaia

One-on-one training

Achieve a deeper connection with your partner through sessions tailored to their unique personality.

Specialized training

We enhance your dog’s behaviour and skills through our specialised training.

Assistance Service Dogs

We train dogs to be our eyes, our ears, our hands, and our hearts

Hotel for dogs and cat-care at home in Bizkaia

We take care of your colleagues

A comfortable and safe haven for your dog companions at our canine hotel, where they will receive expert and loving care. In addition, we offer a home cat care service, ensuring that your felines enjoy personalised care in the comfort of their own home.

Your peace of mind and the well-being of your pets are our priority.